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Please call with any questions


We require that the owner or an owner-approved representative be present at the hospital we bring your pet to.  

All pricing is dependent on several factors, including distance and time traveled, and level of care your pet requires.

Ambulance - inside equipment with US_edi

Technician services

Our technicians can come to your home to help with your pet for treatments, basic diagnostics, and simple transport of pets.

All treatments and diagnostics will be under the direction of your regular veterinarian.

Treatments offered:

- Medication administration

    - Oral pills/liquids

    - Injections

    - Fluid therapy

- Nail trims

- Anal gland expression

- Etc.

Diagnostics offered:

- Blood sample collection for your vet's in house or send out diagnostics

- Simple blood values in home

    - Kidney monitoring - BUN, creatinine, K+

    - Hct - measure of anemia

- Blood glucose and glucose curves

- Blood pressure

- Blood oxygen levels (SPO2)

- Etc.

Treatments and diagnostics

$25 - $75 each

Technician travel fee starts at $30 and increases by $10 for every additional 5 miles traveled

Transportation services

We can help you get your pet to, from, and between hospitals.


Factors affecting pricing:

- Distance of the pickup and drop-off locations

- Amount of time traveled

- Extra assistance is required (doctor or technician)

- Weight of patient

- Aggression

- Stability of patient and level of care required

Please call with any questions regarding our services and pricing

Simple transport of stable patients

starts at $75

Home Euthanasia Services

If you know it is time to  say goodbye, we can come and help your pet be at peace in the comfort of your home. We have a smaller vehicle specifically equipped for this service, and we arrive with a stretcher to help get larger pets into the vehicle. You are also welcome to make your own arrangements for cremation.

If your pet has already passed, we can still come to pick them up and make arrangements for cremation.

Travel beyond 20 miles from our clinic will incur travel fees

Please visit our website dedicated to this service, Information and all pricing are listed:

Discounts offered

Students and teachers - full time only

Senior - 62+


Firefighter, military, police - active or retired

All discounts are 5% and can be combined to a maximum of 15%.

For example: if you are a 65 year old Marine and retired firefighter, you will receive a 15% discount.

Must be able to show relevant documentation/ID/licenses

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