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You can help me get to the hospital for any situation? What if my dog is just too heavy for me?


Although we specialize in the transport of critical patients, our overall goal is to assist owners in getting their pet to, from, and between clinics. If your pet is too painful, too aggressive, or simply too physically big and heavy for you to move them yourselves, just give us a call and we can let you know if we can help.


Do I need to be at the hospital you bring my pet to?


We do require that either the pet owner, or an owner-authorized representative, be present at the hospital we bring your pet to, and we prefer that one of these persons is present when we pick your pet up. The doctors will have questions, and the hospital will need to talk about finances in order to hospitalize. This is standard across the field and is required.


I need to be there for my pet.

Can I ride along in the ambulance?


Due to insurance and liability reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer rides for clients at this time. You will need to arrange your own transportation. If you do not have a vehicle, there are many ride-sharing options available. 

Believe it or not, pets actually tend to be calmer for treatment and transport when their owners are not around them. If you are there, they often only want to be in your lap, and will struggle to get to you even if constrained. They will also read off your emotions, and if it is a more critical situation, we need things to be as calm as possible. This can make any treatments we need to do to help your pet harder, and cause undue anxiety that can make a critical case that much more unstable.


My pet needs vaccines and 
other routine care but hates going into the clinic. Can you help me
at home?

No, but we can give references to home
GP services. 

As an ER and transport service, we focus solely on care
for more critical patients. We only carry medications for critical situations and do not carry any vaccines, dewormers, or even antibiotics. For any routine care of your pet, you will need to work with a general practitioner. If you are looking to avoid going into a clinic for more routine care, there are other home service veterinarians out there that offer these services.

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