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We require that the owner or an owner-approved representative be present at the hospital we bring your pet to.  

Simple transport, stable patient, no evaluation: $200*
*Weekend, afterhours, weight and travel fees may apply*
Curb-side pickup for basic transport of a stable patient from your home to the hospital. We will expect your pet to be leashed or in a carrier and ready to go upon arrival. A physical exam and diagnostics will not be performed. Light flow-by oxygen can be provided for an additional $50.
Ambulance - inside equipment with US_edi
Transport from Home
to Hospital - $300*
*In addition to the Home Ambulance Visit*
*Weight and travel fees may apply*

Level 1 - stable - $100

Basic transport of your pet in our ambulance from your home to a hospital. No treatment is initiated. Stable but immobile patients are included in this category.

Level 2 - unstable/oxygen support required - $200

​This service includes transport in our ambulance from your home to a hospital along with IV catheter placement, IV fluids, minor medications and light oxygen.

Level 3 - critical/unstable patient - $400

​This is for the truly critical and unstable patients in need of our full supportive capabilities including anesthesia. We have oxygen support, rescue medications, and other equipment to start diagnostics and critical treatment as soon as possible, all under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

Home euthanasia - $100

*In addition to the Home Ambulance Visit*

This service is for those clients who have decided not to pursue additional treatment after discussing their pet's condition with us. If you know ahead of time that you are not seeking further diagnostics or treatment and want home euthanasia for your pet, we have a smaller vehicle specifically equipped for this that can come out for a smaller fee. Please visit our website dedicated to this service for pricing including aftercare at . 



Home Ambulance Visit - $300*
*Weekend, afterhours, weight and travel fees may apply*

*Transport to hospital is additional*

This includes the doctor and technician coming to your home in our fully equipped ambulance to evaluate your pet, and our diagnostic capabilities per the doctor's discretion. Diagnostics and treatments are additional as listed below.

Treatments and diagnostics

$25 - $50 each




​Level 1 - stable - $300*

The transport of stable patients from one hospital to another. Fluids and basic treatments are continued for the ride.

Level 2 - unstable, oxygen dependent - $400​*

Any critical and unstable patient. Respiratory cases requiring oxygen supplementation, blood pressure or heart rhythm instability, seizures, or otherwise unstable patients are included in this category.

Level 3 - anesthesia - $600*

We are equipped with a full anesthesia machine for those patients being transported with more serious conditions.

*Weekend, after hours, weight and travel fees may apply*

Transport from
Hospital to Home - $300

If you need assistance getting back
home from your hospital stay, we can get you there and help get them comfortable at home.

*Weekend, afterhours, weight and travel fees may apply*

Home euthanasia, remains pickup, aftercare

If you know it is time to say goodbye, we can come by in our smaller vehicle equipped specifically for home euthanasia service. If your pet has already passed away we can pick up their remains as well as handle aftercare for any patient in our care.

Please visit for our website dedicated to these services.

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Weekends and afterhours

$100 - Monday-Thursday 6PM-9PM (afterhours)

$100 - Saturday, Sunday, 9AM-9PM (weekend)

$150 - Friday- Sunday 6PM-9PM

(weekend afterhours)

Weight - transport only

Larger pets are not only harder on the back, but can also require significantly higher doses of medications for treatment and stabilization.

21-60 lbs - $25

61-100 lbs - $50

101-160 lbs - $75

160+ lbs - $100

Travel fees - please contact us to discuss travel fees if you think it will be a longer drive

Five miles in LA can take five minutes or hours, depending on the time and your direction. That is why we charge for time instead of distance. Every transport service includes 1.5 hours of travel time starting when we leave our home office, and ending when we reach the final destination. Time spent at your home for the evaluation does not count - we put the clock on pause for the evaluation.

Click this link for a time estimate:  

4720 PCH, Long Beach CA 90804.

Fees beyond 1.5 hours of travel:

Level 1 transport - $25 / 15 minutes

Level 2 transport - $35 / 15 minutes

Level 3 transport - $50 / 15 minutes

Aggression - $100 - $200

For those truly aggressive animals where safety is a real concern. If you as the owner cannot muzzle or get enough control of your pet for us to be safe, then you should expect this charge.

CPR - $200

Prior to transport, every patient, no matter their condition, will be required to have signed a CPR or DNR consent form. Even seemingly minor conditions can become unexpectedly critical, and we do not want to waste precious seconds getting approval for CPR. We believe it is better to be safe than sorry.


​Students and teachers - Full time only

 Senior - 62+

 Firefighter, military, police
- active or retired

All discounts are 5%, and can be combined to a maximum of 15%.

For example: if you are a 65 year old Marine and retired firefighter, you will receive a 15% discount.​

Must be able to show relevant documentation: student ID, license, etc.



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