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Technician Services

Additional fees

Weekends and afterhours

$50 - Monday-Thursday 8PM-6AM (afterhours)

$100 - Saturday, Sunday, 8AM-6PM (weekend)

$150 - Friday 8PM - Monday 8AM (afterhours)

Weight - transport only

Larger pets are not only harder on the back, but can also require significantly higher doses of medications for treatment and stabilization.

21-60 lbs - $25

61-100 lbs - $50

101-160 lbs - $75

160+ lbs - $100

Travel fees - please contact us to discuss travel fees if you think it will be a longer drive

Our technicians will travel 20 miles before we start adding on travel fees. We charge $50 for each additional 5 miles beyond 20.

Click this link for a distance estimate:                  4720 PCH, Long Beach CA 90804.

Aggression - $50+

For those truly aggressive animals where safety is a real concern. If you as the owner cannot muzzle or get enough control of your pet for us to be safe, then you should expect this charge. We refuse the right to refuse service if we feel we are not able to do our job safely.


 - students and teachers - full time only

 - senior - 62+

 - firefighter, military, police - active or retired

All discounts are 5%, and can be combined to a maximum of 15%.

For example: if you are a 65 year old Marine and retired firefighter, you will receive a 15% discount.

Must be able to show relevant documentation: student ID, license, etc.

Simple transport, stable patient, no evaluation - $200
*Weekend, afterhours, weight and travel fees may apply*

Curb-side pickup for basic transport of a stable patient from your home to the hospital. We will expect your pet to be leashed or in a carrier and ready to go upon arrival. A veterinarian will not be present, and a physical exam and diagnostics will not be performed. Light flow-by oxygen can be provided for an additional $50.

We require that the owner or an owner-approved representative be present at the hospital we bring your pet to. This is not necessary if dropping off at non-veterinary locations.
*There is an initial house call fee of $40
All other services are in addition to this*
SQ fluids - $30
Oral and injectable medications
  - $30 first medication
  - $10 each additional medication
Nail trim - $30
Anal gland expression - $30


*There is an initial house call fee of $40
All other services are in addition to this*

Blood pressure - $60

Blood glucose - $45

Blood sample collection - $45

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